Website Development & Designing

We Provides A New Way To Explore And Manage Your Business While Using Web Applications. We Have Experienced Front End And Backend Developer Who Has Ability To Write Clean Code In Order To Make Your Application Very Fast And Meet All Parameters To Secure Your Business With All Possible Securities. Frond End Developer Has Ability To Create Your Required Graphical User Interface And Give You A Complete Picture As Required.

Websites designed and built for Business

Your brand and how you are represented online is the number one contributing factor to help you create that all important first impression and to help convince your visitors to stay long enough to listen to what you have to say.

This could be the difference between the start of a very profitable relationship or a lost opportunity forever. You probably already know that what people see and how relevant, professional and engaging they find you is what will get you more business. We think you’ll agree that online, more so than life in generally, the perception that you create is actually the reality of your visitors. In other words, people believe what they see and hear. You can choose to look as big and as professional as you like or as small and half-baked as you like too. The trick is to look and feel as appealing as possible to your key target audiences. This all boils down to having a well constructed website that inspires confidence in your visitors and makes it easy for them to contact you or buy from you when they want to.

Web Designing

Jinnah Technologies Is Providing Services Of Web Design In Pakistan And Have Satisfied Customers. We Believe That Your Web Page Puts The First Impression To The Visitor. It Is Your Corporate Identity In Business World. We At UIT Solutions Focus On Marketing Aspect While Designing A Page. Web Designing Is Not Only A Combination Of Some Colors But We Care For Your Business Achievements, As We Are The Leading Web Design Company Of Pakistan. Making A Flow Of Communication By Keeping In View The Customer Psyche Is Our Success.

Does Poor Design Cost the same as Great Design?

The value you’re left with could be summed up by answering the question, ‘what does your audience decide when they come across you and why?’ So, you might agree with us. Poor design costs you more than great design if you win more business with a well designed website. We’re tempted to tell you about the design awards we’ve won and try to convince you how great we are at producing beautifully designed websites. But you’ve probably already decided if we’re up to your standard or not.

Our perception is reality just like yours. Just to be sure, you can always check our showcase if you like. We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised… Others often are if we do say so ourselves. We see businesses each week and when we talk about what you need online, we very quickly end up talking about business results and not colours and designs and brands etc. This is because it’s what you want the most. Why don’t you put us to the test? It’s free to talk and we love talking about websites and making them profitable for you. Fill in the form on the right or give us a call.

Websites Designed & Built to Deliver What You Want

If your website doesn’t give you a return on your investment then you don’t care if we win a design award for your website do you? Neither do we (much). We create great designs because we’ve learnt it does help you make more of a return on your investment – that’s why it’s important to us.

The approach we take is designed to help your audience choose you over your competition in the first instance. In the second instance, it’s about helping them get what they want from you as quickly and easily as possible. This might be buying something from your website or simply submitting an enquiry – whatever your process dictates and requires.

What Technology Platform Do I Need to Win More Business?

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about technology. We work with a range of platforms that all offer different competitive advantages. You can rest assure that we’ll help you engage the right one for the fight you face online.

It’s our job to set up your online estate to be race-ready for your particular competitive conditions – just like a formula one team that work hard to set up their team’s car to win the race. Some of the platforms we use include Interspire and Magento for e-commerce, Umbraco and Conversion Kit for lead generation websites.


Technology Areas

Jinnah Technologies strives to provide its services for the Web and Application Development. Our skilled and diversified team provides Web Development across every platform as per the client requirement, along with the Logo Designing and Graphic Designing.

Tools & Technologies
Case Tools:

Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio, eR-Win

Application Development:

Microsoft .NET, PHP, Java/J2EE

Web-based Application Development:

Microsoft .NET, J2EE, ASP, CGI, PERL, PHP, AJAX, Search Engine Optimization, Web Services, Javascript, HTML/CSS, DHTML


Microsoft WPF, Microsoft WCF, Microsoft WWF, .NET Nuke, .NET Community Server, PHP Cake, Code Ignitor. WordPress, Joomla

Smart Device / Embedded Application Development:

Microsoft based platforms, J2ME based platforms, Symbion based platforms, iPhone development

Graphics, Multimedia:

Director, Corel Draw, 3D Max, Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, In Design

Back-End Tools
Operating Systems

Microsoft, Linux/Unix Server – Secure server and network environment setup and maintenance


Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgre, MySQL, SQLite

Quality Measures

Configuration Management using VSS

QA & Testing (Test Director, WinRunner, Load Runner)

Bug tracking and change management (JIRA, Hashe Helpdesk, Test Director)

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Website Development & Designing

We are responsible for professional Web Development Services in Pakistan to enhance the value of your business. We’re obsessive, pioneering, devoted team mixing quality design with operative Web Solutions. Jinnah Technologies is elastic, adjustable and instant, and we love the potentials of Information Technology and what it could do for you to add significance to your business.

Jinnah Technologies is focused on technologies we dedicated to providing quality service areas. We use open source, responsive software development methodologies, latest web development tools and technologies in delivering web services and solutions. Our goal is to earn your trust in our ability to provide you with the highest possible level of services to achieve excellence.

There are hundreds of types of websites to suit your specific purpose. For example, if you are a corporate entity, you may go for neat yet sophisticated website look. However, for ecommerce stores, the website is more likely a selling tool where selling of products becomes priority than presenting a brand image. Our team is experienced enough to listen to you, understand your requirements, read your business model and then suggest a more appropriate website model that will surely generate business for you.

We are extremely willing to talk to you and explore various options that will lead to achieve your website goals. Just use the inquiry button at the bottom or visit our contact us page to drop us a quick inquiry and our team will get back to you with more details.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with various business verticals. A typical website design process starts with an online or offline discussion with client to understand the prospective website’s objectives, audience, geographic targeting, design preference, color choices and functional areas to be developed. The initial discussion typically lays down the core framework for the website which is later refined over the period of development cycle and finally the website gets ready for deployment.

Website Design & Development Process

We believe that your website is your important business tool. We have matured our website design process over the years to suit organizations of all sizes. Here are the typical steps we take during most of the website design processes.

  1. Requirement Analysis

    Our team will do an online or offline meeting with the client to understanding their website requirements. We put key focus on analyzing the end objectives of how the client intends its website to contribute to his/her business. The requirements analysis covers various aspects such as choice of design, color scheme, target audience, geographic targeting, functional elements, customer experience and everything that can help us dig deep enough to come up with the best possible solution.

  2. Contract Finalization

    Based on the gathered website requirements, we’ll send a detailed business proposal to the client highlighting all the major elements to be designed/developed in the prospective website. The quote will also include cost and time commitments. In addition to this, the proposal will include general terms of the contract.

  3. Design Mockups

    Once we go into contract, our designer and analyst will discuss on design preference and based on already collected requirements, one or more design mock ups will be created. For simpler projects, a single layout may be enough. However, for major projects multiple screens will be designed to show the look and feel of the interfaces, user experience and different functional areas of the project.

  4. Basic Working Prototype

    On finalization of the design mock ups and general functional interfaces, our development teams comes into play and the project development process gets started. In this phase our developers write code, build database and eventually bring the mock ups to life. Our testing team works alongside to make the project bug free to the maximum.

  1. Project Delivery

    On completion of development and testing phase, we notify the client of the completion of the project. Typically, the project is launched on a test server so that client can have a look and test. Any issues and fixes are done based on client feedback.

  2. Deployment

    Web design and development projects need to be deployed to client’s domain/hosting platform. Our company provides domain and hosting services. However, a client may provide their own domain/hosting setup and our team will deploy the website live on the provided credentials. Even after the deployment of the websites, our team will make a test of the website on the live environment and notify the client.

  3. Customer Feedback & Fixes

    The client gets the website live and keeps testing it. In case of any issues or problems, our team works with the client to fix those problems.

  4. Customer Training

    This is the final and integral part of the closure of the project where our team guides the client on various technical aspects of the project. We provide user manuals (if committed). And we also provide user training so that the client has no problem managing the newly launched website.

Standing out in an online world is no easy feat. Jinnah Technologies is the top leading web development company in Gujranwala, Pakistan. We collaborate with start-ups right through to established brands. Our passionate and focused Creative Team can provide a beautifully crafted and results-focused solution for your business, no matter how immense your end goal is. All of our websites are fully optimised for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet – Meaning your visitors have a phenomenal experience, no matter the device they choose to view your website on.

Right from the beginning, we have expanded our offerings and capitalized on evolving technology trends to better serve our clients. With our expert team, huge portfolio, and proven delivery method, we work with clients to achieve the best fit between technology and their business.

Website Development 5

Web Development Services

A website is the most powerful tool used in digital marketing, web development services are not a joke. Indeed, people search for the best web development services company in Gujranwala. Jinnah Technologies provide the customers the best website development services, as we have a motivated team of experts. Undoubtedly, we offer a huge range of high quality, web development services, from creating mobile web development solutions and responsive website designs to building custom e-commerce as well as internet experiences with the help of latest and proved web technologies.

Around up to 85% of customers, before giving any sale, visit the company or website development service providers, making a decision of more clients based on online experience. In reality, the manifestation, usability, and convenience of your website are much more essential than anything else is, particularly when you are running through a high competition in the market. Jinnah Technologies is a well-known website development company with a group of web developers in Pakistan.

Jinnah Technologies, understand the power of a responsive and friendly website design. When your website is not fulfilling the mobile navigation requirements then you can lose up to 60% of organic traffic. Your website will not get enough traffic if it is not optimized for mobile screens. We have a web development team, who know the basics as well as most tricky hints that can help you out in making your website more attractive and responsive. We definitely design website development strategies that can generate higher conversions on any kind of device, which can be a desktop computer, mobile devices, and tablets.

You are free to share your needs regarding web development services, as we are always available to welcome you with a big heart. Our website development outcomes will no doubt, skyrocket your sale results with best relevant and professional hard work. You can fully rely on us, for your every kind of web development related projects. We are proud to have a bundle of glad customers with highly positive remarks. You will get perfect website development and design in a reasonable time according to your budget.

Professional Approach by Web Developer

Website Development 6

We are Gujranwala leading web designing and web development company in Pakistan. Our professional web developer performs the technical implementation and software development of a website. Using the specifications made by the project manager, web developer program capabilities that match customer needs for its website. Our professional and technical web developers are independent and they directly communicate with the customer.

Web Development Services in Gujranwala
  1. 1
    Our web developers are responsible for:

    Technical analysis of a website.
    The choice of the technical solution.
    The development of all technical features of the website.
    Compliance with good coding practices.
    Testing and validation of the developed features.
    In a complementary manner, it is also involved in.
    The formation of the client when the website is delivered to him.
    Technical support throughout the life of the website.
    Fixes problems reassembled by the client.

  2. 2
    .Net Application Development

    Our dedicated .NET developers are efficient in managing small to large level development projects using latest frameworks and techniques. A great, expert team of Dot NET professionals includes ASP.NET programmers, .Net developers, C# developers loaded with the latest programming trends and an acute knowledge of the industry.

    Our range of expertise includes the following

    Custom .Net application development
    ASP .Net web applications
    e-Commerce solutions
    Sliver light Development
    J-Query & MVC framework experts
    Product Development & Maintenance
    CMS development
    Application Migration
    Database integration

  3. 3
    PHP Application Development

    Jinnah Technologies offers end-to-end custom tailored PHP services, including PHP consulting, PHP product engineering, new product design and development, CMS customization, templates and components development, framework based application development, and application support services.

    Our range of expertise includes the following

    Design of easy-maintainable web   applications, using MVC pattern
    Platforms: LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP), WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP), Custom platforms (e.g. IIS, MSSQL, PHP)
    Provide upgrade safe customization and support on full data access, quality, integration, and delivery
    CMS Integration & Development: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress
    Integration of applications (XML, SOAP, REST)
    Development of rich GUI web applications (JQuery,   Dojo, JSON, CSS + PHP/MySQL)
    Legacy re-engineering
    PHP migration to newer PHP versions

Best Web Development Company

Our web developers are like computer that performs all the functions of a website. Web Developer profile is that of a technician or engineer can analyze customer needs recorded earlier in specifications by the project manager. It recommends and implements a technical solution to design customized sites or adapt existing technical solutions.

Website Development 7

We develop fully responsive websites that is compatible on all devices (Mobile, Laptop, Tablet etc.)


We develop E-Commerce websites with custom designs and custom content for your business. SEO Friendly & User-Friendly Built-in Tools.


Consequently, our Web Developer customizes CMS features as per customer’s demand with real-time reporting.


You can easily share your website, publication, or product with one click for the optimization of social networks, which we tend to integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, etc.


Convert Your Raw Business into a Professional Website with user friendly dashboard. Custom Design & Content, Your Choice, Our Implementation.


Our pages give you Desktop-like browsing experience using sufficient useable buttons, responsive design, and balanced typography. You can also get the same experience on your tablet and Smartphone.

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How Can We Help You

We offer services, built on trust. In this competitive and fast moving world when people share their most valuable business information with us, they trust their ideas/clients will get the support they need to move forward reach the desired destination on their personal and professional journey.

We support and respect people who move forward and make the necessary effort to develop themselves and their companies.

Our approach

Our approach is to combine our understanding of user behavior with a commitment to meeting the business goals of our clients.

We give back to the community

We love Open Source technologies and we use them to create really cool and functional products.

Social responsibility

We are very much aware that this world isn’t ideal and that by helping others we can make a difference.


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